We organize low-income immigrant workers to empower them to stand up for themselves, advocate for policy changes, and to build a stronger labor movement. Together with our allies, we successfully campaigned for the New York State Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, the first legislation in the country to recognize the rights and dignity of domestic workers. We also successfully advocated for the International Convention on Domestic Workers (C189).

We co-founded and currently lead the New York Healthy Nail Salon Coalition.This year, there has been unprecedented media and public interest in the nail salon industry, which has created opportunities for policy changes in New York. We have added Nepali and Tibetan languages to the licensing exam; made it easier for unlicensed workers to get licensed regardless of their immigration status; created a “Nail Salon Workers’ Bill of Rights” poster that New York State has mandated will be posted in all salons; and created a trainee program to allow unlicensed workers to work while preparing for their licensing exam

Adhikaar is an active member of the Justice for Jobseekers Campaign. In New York City, we have spoken out for many changes, including the municipal ID (IDNYC) and the paid sick leave, which directly and indirectly impact the workers’ rights.

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