Namaste! Tashi Delek!  Welcome to the Adhikaar community! Since 2005, Adhikaar has been committed to improving the lives of the Nepali-speaking community and getting our voices heard in the social justice movement. We have assisted thousands of individuals and families; trained hundreds of new leaders; and successfully changed policies and created new laws at local, state, national, and international levels, including the New York State Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and the International Domestic Workers’ Convention.


Adhikaar, meaning rights, is a New York-based nonprofit organizing Nepali-speaking community to promote human rights and social justice for all.

To achieve our mission:

  • We facilitate access to information and resources on immigration, health, workers’ rights, and other issues;

  • We organize the community to collectively advocate against social injustices and human rights abuses;

  • We conduct participatory action research and policy advocacy on issues affecting our community;

  • We build the leadership of members, with the focus on marginalized groups within the Nepali-speaking community.

Thank you for visiting our website, and thank you for your commitment to justice. Please visit us at our Community Center, Sunday to Thursday. In the meantime, join our online community and learn about our current work. “Like” our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter



We balance the day-to-day needs of our community with long-term strategy and vision of systematic change. It is important to get this week’s paycheck on time, and equally important to work to create a pathway to citizenship for all immigrants. Our programs are guided by community needs and demands.  We listen to our members when they talk to us about their lives, from their health concerns to domestic violence. We respond to these needs through direct service, hands-on trainings and conferences, community organizing and base-building, advocacy and leadership development. In all of our work, we embrace a social justice vision bound in dignity and equity for all, with Nepali voices at the center. We actively prioritize leadership of marginalized groups, including women and youth, within the Nepali-speaking community.

How We Do It



Adhikaar’s work is made possible by generous contributions from foundations, corporations, and individuals like you. Your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law (tax-id: 20-3384725).
Please join us:

Ways To Donate


Join Adhikaar’s growing team. We have a fast paced office with many programs going on at once.  Adhikaar’s dedicated interns and volunteers provide crucial support to our members, staff, and board.

Our Team


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We hope you will continue to stand with us and our members on the frontlines and make a contribution today to Adhikaar. Your support will help us continue providing critical direct support to our community and fight for the rights of low-wage immigrant workers. 

For more information about our work, please check out our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok or contact Aakriti, our Research and Development Coordinator, at aakriti@adhikaar.org if you have any questions.