We organize our community to fight for fair and humane immigration laws, and for improved access to services for immigrants and refugees. We march and rally in the streets, and meet with elected officials to present our policy recommendations. We host educational workshops about immigration laws and proposed policy changes that directly affect our members. Additionally, we seek to ensure equitable access to resources for all New Yorkers, including the emerging immigrant communities.

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Adhikaar successfully led a campaign to designate Nepal for the Temporary Protected Status, providing temporary immigration relief for all Nepalis living in the U.S. including work authorization and protection from deportation until December 2016.

Adhikaar provides a platform for new immigrants, particularly Nepali-speaking, Tibetan, and other Asian immigrants, to fully participate in civic life. We help those who are eligible to become citizens, register to vote, and go to the polls. We also hold candidate forums and promote civic awareness so that everyone in our community can participate in the political process.

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