Adhikaar’s Fourth Quarterly Newsletter (April-June)

English For Empowerment: Adult and Digital Literacy, Workforce Development and Health Education

English for Empowerment

First day of EFE class
EFE class in session at Adhikaar’s community center

In the last quarter, we continued our online “English For Empowerment” (EFE)” and we kicked off our in-person EFE classes. The EFE curriculum has been fully developed by Adhikaar and has incorporated topics such as workers’ rights, basics of the U.S. government, and other relevant practical skills and information. We also developed an industry-specific EFE curriculum for Domestic Workers and Nail Salon workers that strengthens their knowledge of rights and English capacity at the workplace.

To increase our member’s digital literacy, all of the students participate in digital training to actively engage online in Adhikaar services, organizing, and advocacy initiatives beyond the physical classroom.

Youth members during Queens Pride 2022

Youth Organizing

In June, our youth celebrated Pride month by marching in the Queens 2022 Pride March. For many of them, It was their first time and they were extremely excited to participate. Before the parade, youth members sat together to work on a banner for the march and also discuss how patriarchy and colonialism contribute to anti-LGBTQI+ issues both in the U.S. and globally. We have already started brainstorming on what they would like to do in next year’s Pride parade.

Healthcare Services

In the last quarter, we engaged in community outreach across all our programs to ensure that all members received health support and services. Through our immigration and worker’s rights membership work, and events as well as on social media, we continue to educate our members on COVID-19 booster shots, vaccine awareness, health insurance, and the NYC Care program.

Media Highlights