Our Journey Together: Celebrating Strength & Transition

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Namaste and Tashi Delek friends of Adhikaar,

Six years ago, my wife and I took a leap of faith.

It was 2016 and Trump was running for office. You could feel the country spiraling downwards with a rise in xenophobia, racism, and income inequality. I felt called as a lifelong organizer to make a direct impact through grassroots organizing — and to do this with my Nepali-speaking community. What followed was a journey anchored in community, care, and collective action. 

I first joined the Adhikaar family in 2008, initially as a supporter and in 2014 as a Board Member. In 2017, I began the journey as the Executive Director. In the past six years, our team rose to meet unprecedented challenges—from a global pandemic to historic attacks against immigrants and communities of color—and every step of the way, we did it together. Our team worked tirelessly to live our mission—to meet the immediate needs of our Nepali-speaking community while building power to create systematic change in New York and across the country. 

During that time, my wife and I also became the parents of a fierce and beautiful little soul. This is where my immediate focus now turns. I will transition from my role as Executive Director in October 2022 to create more space for my child and partner. As this chapter of my Adhikaar story comes to a close, I write to celebrate and share our incredible growth these past six years—a testament to the power and brilliance of our members, staff, volunteers, Board, and partners. Here are a few highlights:



Adhikaar has grown and flourished in deeply powerful ways, and I am honored to have been a part of it. It has been a labor of love to walk this journey in purpose with you. We have created opportunities to build the leadership and skills of Adhikaar members, and advanced policies that improve the lives of low-income workers and their families. I am awed by the energy, creativity, and passion of my Adhikaar family now, and those who came before us. Together we have made a generational impact. And I know, Adhikaar’s work is just starting.

As we launch our search for the next Executive Director, we will need your help. The next Executive Director will join Adhikaar at a time of profound growth, supported by over 6,000 members who are deeply committed to community, care, and collective action. The Executive Director job description and leadership profile will be announced soon. Until then, Follow us on social media to receive updates (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and donate to sustain our work.  

In gratitude and community,

Pabitra Khati Benjamin,

Executive Director, Adhikaar

Adhikaar Executive Director Job Description (Click Here) 

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