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Meenu Gorkhali

Director of Operations and Finance

Meenu Gorkhali’s extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, spanning over a decade, reflects a deep commitment to improving organizational effectiveness. Her specialization in management, human resources, and finance underscores a well-rounded skill set crucial for the success of nonprofit organizations. Meenu has demonstrated her expertise by assisting nonprofits in various aspects, including defining their needs, streamlining processes, identifying gaps, and establishing effective organizational systems.

One notable aspect of Meenu’s experience is her focus on helping foundations and nonprofits navigate challenges and limitations within their systems and processes. This reflects a practical and hands-on approach, emphasizing the importance of tailored solutions to address specific organizational needs. Her background in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors provides her with a unique perspective, allowing her to offer insights and strategies that draw from diverse experiences.

Meenu’s track record in recruiting and developing high-performing teams, implementing effective HR policies, and ensuring 100% staff retention for over five years underscores her proficiency in human resources and talent management. Her collaborative approach with the Executive Director and the management team has contributed to the organization’s stability and success.   

Meenu Gorkhali’s educational background is marked by a Master’s in Business Management(MBA) with a concentration in Management, showcasing her expertise in organizational leadership and strategy. Additionally, her Bachelor’s in Business Administration(BBA) with a concentration in Finance reflects a strong foundation in financial management and business principles. Beyond her formal education and professional roles, Meenu is also an aspiring Life Coach. This suggests her commitment to personal development and helping others navigate life challenges. Her pro bono work with the Nepali community further highlights her dedication to community service and supporting individuals on a voluntary basis.

Meenu’s diverse skill set, combining business management, finance, and her interest in life coaching, positions her as a well-rounded professional. Her commitment to serving the Nepali community underscores a broader dedication to social impact and community well-being. As a Nepali-speaking first generation immigrant herself, Meenu is committed to educate and empower her community.

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