Adhikaar’s Fourth Quarterly Newsletter (April-June)



On May 19, the New Jersey Senate’s Labor Committee voted in favor of the NJ Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, pushing this legislation one step further on its path to passage. This is a groundbreaking bill that would establish labor protections such as mandating contracts between the employer and the Domestic worker that documents work hours, wages, and duties. The legislation also requires uninterrupted paid rest periods and meal breaks. 

Adhikaar’s NJ member leaders and Fellow at the NJ State House

Adhikaar members along with our partner organizations have been pushing for this legislation from the beginning – with members sharing their stories, taking digital action, rallying on the streets, and meeting with NJ electeds. Join us in our fight and take action today by signing the petition below!


On May 5, 2022, we launched the NYC Coalition for Domestic Work with our partners at the steps of the City Hall. This new coalition will help create a care action plan in partnership with local worker and employer organizations. It will also help raise standards for Domestic Workers, and support the enforcement of Domestic Worker rights legislation in the city through worker/employer outreach and education.

Our members at the steps of the New York City hall-demanding the creation of a Domestic Worker Budget Initiative


In the last quarter, we recruited New Jersey member trainer Rinchen Dolma for our coveted “We Rise” nanny training. The “We Rise” nanny training is an intensive but extremely valuable series for Domestic Workers interested in expanding and deepening their professional development as nannies. It is part of Adhikaar’s workforce development program and is being led by our Domestic Worker member leaders.  

Call to Action:      

  • Ask your elected officials to co-sponsor the New Jersey Domestic Workers Bill of Rights: CLICK HERE
  • Support the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights: CLICK HERE

Upcoming Programs and Events

  • Adhikaar’s 17th-year celebration and our Executive Director Pabitra Khati Benjamin’s farewell: BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY!