Adhikaar’s Strategic Alignment Plan

We are proud to publicly launch our 2021 to 2031 Strategic Alignment Plan (SAP). Inspired by a desire to meet the growing demands of our community, we embarked on this journey to guide Adhikaar’s vision. 

Download the full report here: (ENGLISH, नेपाली) + one-page summary 

With the support of expert consultant Helen Kim, this effort kicked off in 2020. We talked to over 130 members, partner organizations, allies and funders to receive feedback about our work. Together, we contextualized, visioned and planned for Adhikaar’s next phase of growth. We have emerged a stronger, more powerful organization with a Strategic Alignment Plan to anchor our work. Through thoughtful deliberation, group discussions and 1-1 conversations, we emerged with five key priorities to build community power:

We affirmed the eight core values that ground our work:

With this roadmap, we will continue building a diverse, intergenerational community that empowers immigrant workers to live healthy, dignified lives.

Adhikaar’s SAP plan would not have been complete without the dedication & hard work of our comrades who gave us their time & wisdom in this crucial process that will help us collectively harness our community power between now and 2031. THANK YOU!

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